All About Me!


Hi, I am Lauren – I am a wife, mother, coffee addict, purse fiend, martini consumer, gadget girl, & chocoholic. To go along with my coffee obsession, I call my 3 boys Venti, Grande and Tall.

Having that 3rd kid REALLY worked to my advantage. (For those keeping score – Testosterone: 4, Estrogen: 1.) I have fabulous shopping skills, love pop culture and I am the FourSquare Mayor of my local Starbucks, of which, I am excessively proud.

I also love exercising, knitting, reading, writing, editing and have been called a “Social Media Queen.” Oh? And if you try to come between me and my favorite coffee beverage of the season? Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Welcome to Spill The Beans.  I hope you like it here.