Cuban Cuisine at Its Best

Cuban cuisine is distinct in such a way that it is more than just simple cooking; deep frying and the use of heavy sauces are not favored in this style of cooking. Naturally, the Cuban style of cooking utilizes a lot of seafood with plain cooking methods and spicing that improves flavor without overpowering it.


Cuban cuisine commonly uses oregano, garlic, cumin, laurel or bay leaves as spices. Numerous dishes rely on the perfect taste of sofrito – from beans to meat with tomato-based sauces. Sofrito is the combination of various ingredients like garlic, onion, black pepper, oregano and green pepper that is fried until tender and translucent in olive oil.

Malanga, yuca, plantano and boniato are common nutritious vegetables that make suitable healthy meals for hardworking and busy people. These are often complemented with other vegetables sprinkled with olive oil and chopped onion.


The flavor of meat is enhanced by using flavored marinades like sour oranges or lime juice as base. The meat is then simmered or roasted gradually, with various spices for hours. Most meals often include beans – especially black beans, and rice which are considered as Cuban specialty.


Cuba is also well-known for its tasty baked goods at different varieties. Some baked goods are filled with cream cheese and guava paste while others are filled with spiced meats. One of the most popular dessert items in Cuba is flan.

Cuban cuisine improves the gentle flavor of nutritious foods by spicing and cooking, making every bite a delightful and flavorful one. Naturally, Cuban culinary traditions introduce foods that are pleasing to the palate, and they as well give us a brief yet interesting story of the past – a culture that has combined different elements into a whole one.

Cuban cuisine provides a variety of taste, making it an ideal method of cooking to those who want to try something new and simple.

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