Four Things a Melon Baller Can Do in the Kitchen

A melon baller does make cute little round orbs from the firm flesh of juicy cantaloupe or water melon, but that’s not the only thing this kitchen gadget can do. A melon baller is a kitchen multi-tasker that helps save time in the kitchen, reduces kitchen waste and/or can add a decorative flourish to ordinary foods.

Melon Baller Removes Seeds From Fruits

A melon baller quickly and cleanly removes seeds from fresh fruit. Cut an apple or pear in half, then rotate the melon baller around fruit center to evenly dig out only the core and seeds. A melon baller leaves behind a perfectly shaped round hole in the fruit center, ready to filled with a favorite topping.

Create Petite Meatballs with Melon Baller

Using a melon baller to create petite meatballs is not only quick and easy, it’s also a good trick to use when trying to cut calories without cutting flavor. The smaller sized meatballs still add the desired flavor to pasta dishes or hors d’oeuvres, but have fewer calories and fat grams than their full sized counterparts.

Portion Control Homemade Cookies

Use a melon baller to form homemade cookie for perfectly round mini cookies. The mini cookies are easy to package into portion controlled sized snack bags for a grab and go low calorie snack for school or work. Mini cookies shaped with a melon baller also make perfect finger food snacks for parties.

Great Balls of Dessert

You may actually eat a little less of a favorite sorbet or ice cream when it’s scooped out with a melon baller. Various flavors and colors of a frozen treat scooped into tiny balls with a melon baller and served in a decorative ice cream dish will feel like an expensive and decadent treat instead of a low-cal frozen concoction from the local grocery store.

Here you will find food processors for making frozen desserts.

When baking a homemade cake or bread and the bottom or crust burns, don’t toss it out, use a melon baller to scoop out the middle portion, plate a serve. Sprinkle confectioner’s sugar or drizzle a little syrup over cake balls and serve as dessert. Serve scooped out balls of bread on small side plate next to the dinner plate and the family will think you meant to do it that way.

Dense bread scoops out cleanly with a melon baller, airy yeast bread, not so much.

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