Kitchen Gourmet Electrical Hand Blender – My Review

The Kitchen Gourmet Electric Hand Blender is a useful appliance. It gives many of the features of a regular mixer with the mobility of a cordless model. Here is my full review.

The Kitchen Gourmet Electric Hand Blender is inexpensive at around 30 dollars. The ergonomic design fits your hand nicely. It is easy to clean, opening in the middle to get the blade out. It comes with a chopping and a whipping blade. It runs on 120 volt AC power connected to a wall outlet.

The unit comes in handy when you want to mix something in an odd place. I recently made soup in large bowl and used the Hand Blender. I would have been unable do to this using a normal mixer. Pick a strange place and it can go there. You can mix drinks, whip eggs, or mix paint if you want to. You can buy them for that purpose and keep them separate from the kitchen appliances.

The down side to the Kitchen Gourmet Electric Hand Blender is considerable. It has a cord that limits its reach. You also have to worry about the cord getting dirty, knocking things over with the chord and all that. You might be better off with a battery-powered blender. The Kitchen Gourmet is a powerful electric device. There is a possibility of electrocution with this.

You must make sure the cord isn’t frayed. Think of it as a blender without a bowl. The spinning blade can hurt you. Without a bowl you can get flying hot soups on you or your hair caught in the blade. You have to plan a little to make sure you don’t do something stupid. You can’t run it long or you can burn the motor up. You also have to protect the motor from getting any fluid in it.

Once you get things set up, it can dramatically reduce the time it takes you to make things.

I conclude by saying the Kitchen Gourmet Electric Hand Blender is a useful addition to the kitchen. It is inexpensive and works well providing mobility to the cook. If you aren’t a serious cook you might want to just get a battery-powered mixer. These are ok put you have to keep changing the batteries. But a serious chef will get the Hand Blender.

As long as you follow the directions and don’t misuse it you will be fine.

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