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Product Review: Ionic Clean Washing System

The Ionic Clean Washing System by HomeRight is a unique de-ionizing water filter that uses the de-ionized water to pull dirt and dust off your vehicle or other surface for an easy and fast clean.

  • Ease of Use/Performance: 18/25
  • Convenience/Storage 20/25
  • Appearance/Design 16/25
  • How much I enjoy 16/25

Total: 70/100

The Ionic Clean Washing System is a de-ionizing filter system that uses a brush end on a water pole connected to a filter pack that uses your home water to clean your vehicles or house. The Ionic Clean Washing System makes an interesting and useful product for washing your car or windows using de-ionized water but it is expensive.

The Ionic Clean Washing System consists of a filter in a tank with connections on each end, one end goes to your garden hose and the other to a 20 foot hose to the end of a brush on a pole. The Washing System comes with a brush head and pole, filter and tank, 20 foot hose, a quick connect adapter and an on off valve with instructions.

Connecting things is pretty simple but I had a problem right off the bat, the quick disconnect fitting broke on me when I was starting to use the system so it was off to the hardware store. I purchased a fitting to use instead of the quick disconnect but should not have had to, the quick disconnect is a cheap plastic part.

Both fittings for the quick disconnect are cheap plastic and thin, the pole is also made from plastic parts that I would be hesitant to use with any force to scrub my windows or car. Once I got the fitting installed and everything working I tried out the Washing System on my two mini vans and porch windows.

I was partially impressed with the Ionic Clean but it was not really the fault of the Ionic Clean, my cars were dirty and I do have these trees that drip stuff on them. The Ionic Clean did a good enough job on getting the cars clean and the de-ionized water helped to leave the water sheeting off the vehicles.

The de-ionizing water does a good job of sheeting off the cars and off of my front windows but it does not actually get everything off your vehicles or house. The washer does have a soap chemical injector that you can purchase for $15 from HomeRight that will hold a cup or so of liquid and on command send it through your brush end to help clean off your vehicles or windows.

The soap chemical injector is simple and easy to fill and get soap or whatever you want like a rinse agent onto your brush end and the surface your cleaning. The system comes with a brush end that can scrub and clean off bird droppings and all kinds of other debris from your vehicles and windows but some stuff may not clean off well.

I had a hard time getting some of the things like the tree sap off my vehicle but this is not really the Ionic Cleans fault, this stuff does not come off easily. A little scrubbing and most of it did come off but I did need to use something stronger to get all the stuff off.

The de-ionized water does leave some spots but also sheets off the vehicles and windows for the most part, it doesn’t cascade off if dirt or other debris is there. The de-ionizing properties of the Ionic Clean Washer System works well but for the cost I am not really sold.

I am very mixed about this review, I really think I can give a positive review while also not giving this a huge thumbs up for a purchase. The Ionic Clean costs about $250 and with filters costing about $50 each the filter assembly is expensive but keeping your car and homes windows clean also costs.

You have to balance the overall cost of this system with how you want to spend the money to keep your expensive things clean, personally I will stick to a soap and water solution. I find that just scrubbing with a good sponge and soapy water works well enough and using towels and window cleaner to get my windows clean also is good enough.

The Ionic Clean Washing System costs about the same as taking your car to the car wash when you consider filter costs and you get anywhere from 7 to 12 washes from a filter. According to HomeRight the filters will last for about 70 minutes for water that is your typical hardness of 200 that is average for city water across the United States.

With a wash time of about ten minutes per vehicle this gives you about seven or maybe ten washes per filter, at $50 per filter that’s about $5 to $7 per wash in filters. I am not including the $250 for the price of the Ionic Clean System but this is also a consideration, it is expensive for a cleaning system that amounts to a water filter.

The Ionic Clean also comes with a water tester that checks the hardness of water as it is coming out of the filter system to see how the filter is working. This quick check gives you the verification that the filter needs to be replaced or if you can use it for more cleaning.

If you want to wash your car yourself this system may be for you but for the five to seven dollars that this cleaner costs you can just as easily go to the local car wash. As far as washing the windows on your house the same can also be said using a simple sponge and soapy water but here is where a pole and scrub brush comes in handy.

I am not sure if I can easily recommend the Ionic Clean Washing System mostly due to the cheaper plastic parts some of the system is made from and the overall cost. The Ionic Clean System does work and works well enough but the system does come with some minuses along with the pluses of a good washing system.

In the end you will have to decide for yourself if the cost of the system overcomes the handy use of not having to use as much in the way of chemicals. The Ionic Clean Washing System does make a good cleaner for cars and windows but it is also expensive enough to be a tough decision for a purchase.

Check out the Ionic Clean Washing System at HomeRight and see for yourself how well it works, they have a link to a YouTube video of their product in action.

Cuban Cuisine at Its Best

Cuban cuisine is distinct in such a way that it is more than just simple cooking; deep frying and the use of heavy sauces are not favored in this style of cooking. Naturally, the Cuban style of cooking utilizes a lot of seafood with plain cooking methods and spicing that improves flavor without overpowering it.


Cuban cuisine commonly uses oregano, garlic, cumin, laurel or bay leaves as spices. Numerous dishes rely on the perfect taste of sofrito – from beans to meat with tomato-based sauces. Sofrito is the combination of various ingredients like garlic, onion, black pepper, oregano and green pepper that is fried until tender and translucent in olive oil.

Malanga, yuca, plantano and boniato are common nutritious vegetables that make suitable healthy meals for hardworking and busy people. These are often complemented with other vegetables sprinkled with olive oil and chopped onion.


The flavor of meat is enhanced by using flavored marinades like sour oranges or lime juice as base. The meat is then simmered or roasted gradually, with various spices for hours. Most meals often include beans – especially black beans, and rice which are considered as Cuban specialty.


Cuba is also well-known for its tasty baked goods at different varieties. Some baked goods are filled with cream cheese and guava paste while others are filled with spiced meats. One of the most popular dessert items in Cuba is flan.

Cuban cuisine improves the gentle flavor of nutritious foods by spicing and cooking, making every bite a delightful and flavorful one. Naturally, Cuban culinary traditions introduce foods that are pleasing to the palate, and they as well give us a brief yet interesting story of the past – a culture that has combined different elements into a whole one.

Cuban cuisine provides a variety of taste, making it an ideal method of cooking to those who want to try something new and simple.

Serve delicious Cuban food on the granite dining table. It is simply a beautiful stone dining table.