Cool Stuff!!

Tick tock, tick tock …

Look at this clock … IT COMPLETELY MESSED WITH MY BRAIN. So instead of while listening to the teacher at my son’s conference, I stared at it. And when she asked if I had any questions, I said, “Yes, can you please tell me what’s up with that clock?” AND SHE DIDN’T KNOW. She said it’s […]

Just a glimpse …

I love mowing the lawn. LOVE it. First, it’s great exercise – I actually wore my GPS running watch one time to see how much walking I was doing. Guess how much. Guess! 2.13 miles! I also love it because it drowns out the screaming. When the kids are yelling and fighting over something, I […]

My Weirdness Continues

Not too long ago, I made this bold statement:   In my defense, the only experience I’d had with blueberries is seeing them in a bagel, muffin or pastry and I COULD NOT STAND IT. The smell grossed me out and the blueish hue of the baked goods gave me the heebie jeebies. Plus, blueberries […]

Not So Wordless Wednesday

I know I’m a day late and a dollar short but I’ve been kinda busy and I can not let this one go. Let’s discuss Jessica’s pregnancy announcement. (Like it was some big surprise. Psssh!) Oooof…. where do I begin? I get this was for Halloween and I SUPPOSE it would be 1 thing if […]

Almost Death of A Salesman

Reason # 748 the children and dog drive me crazy:  When the doorbell rings they completely lose their minds.  There is no staying quiet until the person goes away, because the second someone pushes that button, they go ape shit.  Bark, bark, bark, bark!!! Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, thud! As they all (dog included) […]

Wordless Wednesday: Saving It For Later?


Some thoughts on some things…

In no particular order… 1. Blueberries? I can not stand them; not the sight, nor the smell of them. They should not be a fruit. 2. Hula hooping? Very difficult. 3. Raisins? If you would not eat a dried up, rotten apple, WHY would you eat a dried up grape?  Just saying. 4. Organizational skills? […]


I’ve always said that someone needs to teach me how to eat.  I hardly ate fruits and veggies, didn’t consistently eat enough calories per day, and when I did, I ate all the wrong things… for example, I’d eat Chick-Fil-A nuggets for lunch and say the chicken was protein and the Cookies N’ Cream milkshake […]


::GASP::  What is this?  Could it be???   Perhaps they read this post and thought, “Oh crap, the citizens are onto us.  Alert the Town Elders and get the power company on the phone.” Anyone want to guess how long the new pole will lay there before they make the switch?

Please Stop, Watch!

6:42 am: Beep, beep… beep, beep… beep, beep… beep, beep… beep, beep… beep, beep… beep, beep… Me: (Fumbling around, trying to find a snooze button to smack.)  Grrrumph, WTF? 6:44 am: Beep, beep… beep, beep… beep, beep… beep, beep… beep, beep… beep, beep… beep, beep… Me: (Realizing it is NOT my alarm clock.)  Huh? 6:46 […]